Noob HUD Question?

Godot Version



I have a basic HUD up and running, all good, it’s working just two labels, one to display the “Num of Coins” the hero has collected, another with the actual number (text). The thing is the HUD is overlaid over the screen where I am developing the actual stage and can’t see anything behind it where important elements are. I am assuming there just an easy way to turn off the HUD to make changes underneath it, but, I can’t find it. I expected that the visibility tool would remove it from the screen but it didn’t.


As always here is a big thankyou in advance.


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Ahhhh. I see I have to set visibility to off, on the actual scene item, save it and then it goes off.

But, don’t leave it like that, oh no, or the HUD does not display in-game.

I was not expecting that behaviour. Fun times.

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Hey :slight_smile: , if I’m understanding you correctly you could set the HUD visibility off, then in your script you could place self.visible = true; in your _ready() function.

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You can do that! Cool - I’ll try that out!

PS: that didn’t work exactly, but, it did if I made it reference the CanvasLayer which was were I had to hide it. Which makes sense when you don’t think about it too hard :stuck_out_tongue:.

Thanks so much! This way I can always be sure the HUD appears in-game.

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