OpenXR apk is missing version_code fields - Pico Store Submission

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Does anyone have experience releasing XR apps on Pico Store using Godot? I have a Godot 4.2 project released in App Lab & Steam & thought I’d try to get it in Pico store too. But I can’t find any information regarding this Error:

OpenXR apk is missing version_code fields

I’m sure it’s a manifest issue… any input would be appreciated.

Haven’t seen that one before but I think you may be the first trying to deploy to Picos store. I’ll see if I can find someone on their end to give some insight.

Thanks Bastiaan I appreciate any insight you can lend.

Ok, got some feedback from PICO about this and there is indeed a manifest entry missing. Their documentation page however already assumes we’re using the Khronos loader (PICO has deprecated their own SDK in favor for the standard, hurray!).

So I’ve created this PR:

which makes the PICO entry embed the Khronos loader and add the needed manifest entry, it is still a separate entry because some of the manifest changes aren’t (yet) unifiable so you do need to choose the Pico option in the export settings.

I’ve got no way to test whether the manifest entries are in the correct place so it would be great if you can test re-uploading your APK with this version. I do fear you’ll need to go to Godot 4.3 for this.

You can download a dev build from the build action page here:

Just scroll down until you find GodotOpenXRVendorsAddOn and download it.

Thanks @mux213!

I’m knee deep in another project at the moment…
I will definitely circle back and setup Godot 4.3 and all the plugins required and see what I get when I re-upload.

I appreciate your effort!
I’ll try to update you soon.

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