Orchestrator - A Visual Scripting Godot Plugin

Orchestrator is the ultimate Visual-Scripting solution designed for Godot 4.2+ platform. It revolutionizes Godot game development with its intuitive graph editor interface and hundreds of nodes to build any game logic. This add-on empowers you to craft complex behaviors and intricate game logic with unparalleled ease and flexibility, just as you would find in other commercially available game engines.

Whether you are an experienced Godot veteran or an aspiring developer eager to get started with game development, Orchestrator is a must-have plug-in for any Godot project.

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:satellite_orbital: RoadMap - 2.0 and 2.1

Dock your ship commander, a new Roadmap is out detailing the strategy for the upcoming journey to 2.1.
You can read more here, and with your transceiver in hand, be sure to radio back with any feedback.


:satellite: Crater Crash News - This just in, Orchestrator v2.1.dev1 has arrived.

  • Android support
  • Create/Free any Godot object
  • New Signal Connection UI
  • Improved Bitfield Pin UI
  • Tons of Usability Improvements

Clean up your spilt Spacebucks, we have some exploring to do. Download your mission. Or you can read up on the latest notes here.

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:rocket: Mission Update: Orchestrator 2.0.1.stable - Galactic Enhancements Deployed!

The latest upgrade to your interstellar toolkit, Orchestrator 2.0.1.stable, is now live across the universe. Discover all the new features and improvements in the detailed logs here.

  • Android Integration: Extend your dominion to mobile devices!
  • Create/Destroy Mechanism: Manipulate Godot objects with cosmic precision.
  • Enhanced Access: Utilize FileAccess, DirAccess, and the power of all Godot static functions.

This looks soo cool…. Will try it on a smallish project to see how it works. My guess like UE blueprints :slight_smile:. Great job!

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Hello! Thank you for checking us out and giving Orchestrator a try. Should you have any questions, please let us know here or join our discord server.
We look forward to seeing you there.