Overriding a packed scene reverts the new version to the original

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Hello there! New user here.
(I cannot post attachments yet so here’s a video link https://twitter.com/gszargot/status/1787237655626838259)
I added a packed scene (lamp) to my scene, made it local, changed the light color and then wanted to override the old packed scene with the new one so all the instances would have a blue light. But when I “save over” the old scene, my new modified one just reverts back. Am I missing something? Or is this not the intended way to modify packed scenes in the environment?

Thanks in advance!

have you tried to make sub resource unique of the PrototypeLamp before making it a scene to overwrite the old own?

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While this does work, unfortunately only after I Reload the scene. Which is unfortunate, but workable.

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