Overview on Android application lifecycle?

Godot Version



I have a background in native Android development and looking for info how Godot ties into the Android application lifecycle. Which signals do I need to listen to in order to be aware of pausing, resuming, killing, being overlapped by the phone app etc.? I have found bits and pieces on gamedev.tv and YouTube, but not enough to feel comfortable. Also: is Godot storing/recovering any state when the app gets killed, or is that 100% up to me?

Hello @GoTeeCee,

I am also belong to this background and researching on this kind of apps. I share with you a link for reference:Activity Lifecycle in Android with Demo App - GeeksforGeeks

This will help you definitely. recently, I am taking aws devops training online for the advance knowledge.

Hi, thanks for the link. Unfortunately, that is stuff that I am already well-versed in. I’m looking for information on how Godot ties in with this lifecycle in particular.