Parallax Background Not Mirroring Propertly

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Does anyone know why the mirroring is not shown in my parallax background? It is not shown in both editor and in game.

I have encountered the same issue in multiple tutorials, and still do not know how to solve it…

Mirroring is set on the Sky layer. But sky is not mirroring.

There is no mirroring set on the Mountain layer. But it is being mirrored, with the first sprite disappearing…

When I run the game, the background is on the far left, and it messes up my tiles

Do you have an integrated Intel graphic card? Please see: Vulkan: Issue with parallax layers and mirroring (Intel driver bug) · Issue #82380 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

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Yess!!! Thank you so much!!
I had the same issues with 3 tutorials… it was really frustrating… You are a hero just saved a beginner from quitting!!!

For anyone having the same issue, here is what worked for me.
Go to the top right, if it is showing “mobile”, change it to “compatibility”. :tada:

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