Parent Constraint (Parenting transform only)

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Is it possible in Godot to do a “parent constraint” - where one Node3D can ‘act’ like it is parented to another Node3D, but without actually being a child of it? In other words, its transform has an implicit parenting to another transform, without regard to its place in the node tree? An example of where this works is the BoneAttachment3D, which lets you attach to an external skeleton.

For example, I would like an object to switch around between different ‘parents’, but it would be preferable that it actually stays in the same leaf in the node tree.

Try using a RemoteTransform3D node

Interesting, that works, though in the opposite direction!

The only thing this is lacking is the ability of the ‘target’ node to have its own offset transform from its parent. In this manner it’s not really a parent/child relationship but just a clone of the parent transform.

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