Pathfinding with elevator platform

I created a level where there are 2 platforms on top of each other. After that, I created a character that moves to the point where I click the mouse looking for a path using NavigationRegion3D and NavigationAgent3D. The main problem is that to move from one platform to another, there is an elevator( platform that can move up and down) that is called when the player enters a special one. The main problem here is that the player character cannot plan a simple route, but must use the lift to get on it, wait for it to lower and then get off and reach the point if my order is to go down from one platform to another.

For anything that is not perma traversable by a stable navigation mesh surface you will need to use navigation links. The links are needed to perma mark the connection for the pathfinding even if it is severed, e.g the elevator platform moving.

Now alone a navigation link does only mark the connection points so the pathfinding knows there is a route and at what cost, but it does not know how to use it.

So you always need to work with a custom script that facilitates the movement of the character between the link positions. E.g. when an agent gets close move to link start position and suspend normal pathfinding but keep track of your original target position, wait for the platform to arrive, move on the platform, wait for exit, leave platform, move to link end position, resume pathfinding along the path.

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