Physics of the falling objects with different shapes

Godot Version



Hi everyone! I have a problem with physics of the falling objects with different shapes. For example, if circle fall on the triangle it stands up of the triangle and do not run on it facets.
I saw on youtube but made in 3d environment. Sphere added to the scene and falling on the heeling platform. Sphere falls and roll on surface without any coding

I think you want to the triangle to fixed in place and Circle to move. If so you can use StaticBody2D for Triangle and RigidBody2D for the circle. Make sure to add CollisionShape2D to each.

Triangle and circle are the gameplay figures and I use rigidbody for both.

What seems to be the problem. Can you explain it?

this is 2d platformer. the circle and triangle are playable figures. I can move them, jump. And I want that the gravity properly influence on it. If circle jump on the triangle it should not stay on it but roll on it on one of the sides. depends on which larger half of the circle falls