Possible bug, wall collision detection

I noticed that the collision are done only when there is an applied force against what it is colliding. This is actually the way to be yes.
But for some reason this is not true for an specific case, and that kind break things as it is not consistent behavior.

The case is when the character is on ground, when you try to run into the wall it will flag wall collision to true, if you stop moving into it will flag wall collision false, this is expected and fine, but when you do this and stand still next to a wall and jump all of a sudden the wall collision is flagged true and this is not expected, this is not consistent with the collision detection. If it was done on purpose well it is wrong to do so, as I said it is not consistent.

Because of this I will need to create my own physics to detecting collision which is not a way to go as the engine will do a double work , making it heavier than it should.