Presenting the Sandbox Elements Trailer!

Sandbox Elements, a 2D physics-based sandbox game, offers a variety of elements and tools to experiment with. Key features include:

Your backpack is the key to your elements. Choose an element of your choice from a variety of categories and start adding it to your world.

Every job has the right tool. Modify elements with a selection of tools at your disposal.

Advanced Day/Night-Cycle
With a naturally occurring day/night cycle or a manually configured one, you can easily turn day into night or night into day.

Weather System
Without weather, the world would feel dry. Add rain, fog and lightning strikes to enhance the experience. Feel the atmosphere change, turning your sandbox into a living, breathing masterpiece.

Customizable Rule System
Explore a variety of rules to set for worlds to change the interactivity of elements, world and the interface.

World Themes
Change the world theme and explore different and unique environments, each with its own backgrounds, sounds, and atmosphere.


This seems cool. What do you plan to release it on and for what price?

This game is sick. I don’t like some of the graphics though. For example the eye and the pencil don’t look right. Good job though. When is it getting launched?

Thanks, I appreciate the questions! The game will release on mobile (Android) for free, but there is currently no release date set.
You can find a bit more information in the comment section of the video.