Problem with autotiling

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Hello, I made a tileset following some tutorials that should support autotiling. It mostly works after configuring the terrrain, but the corners are not painting correctly, it places a “center” tile. Here is the configured tileset:

And here’s how the corners look:

What should I do to fix that? I’m quite new to autotiling

It’s hard to say for sure without testing it in the editor but I think your inner corner tiles should be painted like this with the terrain tool:

Inner corner tile, top left:


x = painted area

So try painting everything else except the inner corners.

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Nope unfortunately it is still not painting the tiles correctly. I’ll leave a short video for better understanding, the tiles are 32x32 and the tileset is set up for that resolution too. Here’s the vid: TileError.mp4 - Google Drive

Maybe it is a problem with the tileset itself? I’m new to making tilesets that support autotiling so it’s a possibility. I was wondering if I should do one single tile for each corner and try to work with that but I’m not sure.