Problem with _ready and _process calling on android

Godot Version



Hi, all! I am writing prototype of simple puzzle game and I trying to run it on android and I can see only gray screen (I draw rect with another color for background using draw_rect in _ready function). For debugging, I have added label to the scene for printing screen size, set default value for label and set screen size in _ready function (I tried to do it from _process too) It works on desktop (windows 10) but I can see only default value on android. It mean that _ready and _process function did not call.

Update: I also tried to export game for windows and behavior is same with android. Very strange that it works on debug and does not work in export

Any ideas?

I did not find nothing there that can explain why everything work fine on windows, but not work on android

It was export related problem. I initialized global variable using preload for scene and I used incorrect file case for it. After changing case to correct it works in exported binaries too (windows, android)


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