Profile Colliders and CPU hogging in c#

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What is the best way to profile a c# game. For now I’m trying with dotTrace for Rider, but I’m not getting enough details. For example:

Here, in this example it might be possible that there’s a high demand of “CollisionObject2D” but, what collision? I have a lot of them. Isn’t there some way to detect what collision elements are hogging the machine that much?

Or what means “opEquality?” It seems to be repeated everywhere and it seems that it is just doing string comparisons, but where?

Is there some way to understand what node is messing with the CPU that much?

Many thanks!

have you tried using godot’s built in profiler?

The profiler does not currently support C# scripts. C# scripts can be profiled using JetBrains Rider and JetBrains dotTrace with the Godot support plugin.

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The profile helps for checking some little elements but it won’t help when trying to investigate what functions are hogging the system

Yes, as I stated in the question I used dotTrace but it is not giving me enough data. Is there some guide to understanding how to make dotTrace return some valid insight?

shameless bump. Still haven’t found any ideal way to profile c# applications