Need something to read with your morning coffee? :coffee:

Enjoy this Progress Report by your very own Mr. Dink (@markdibarry on GitHub) detailing his first major contribution to the engine - complete with art and videos!

Making pretty 2D games just became easier, thanks to the new Parallax2D node :sparkles:

:link: Parallax2D Progress Report


do you planning to add this node to 3.6 or any 3.x ?

There is a typo in the post with “Reorganization”, it says “Reogranization” instead

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Thanks! I’ll update asap :sweat_smile:

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There aren’t any plans as far as I know.

Really interesting to read. Would like to see more of those articles

Awesome update!

I have my 2D Parallax working good, ported all the way back from 3.5 to 4.3dev … it works fine and havent really had problems with it. It does wierd things when zooming but at strict pixel art resolution that doesnt happen in my projects.

So because it’s already fine I’m a little hesitant to run the converter but I will try it soon.

Cool update. I like the transition to the new node instead of a hard cut.

Currently hijacking the current implementation for use in 3D for my game, so it’s nice to know that I can take my time with upgrading the implementation when I switch over to 4.3.

It’s also really nice to learn more about how things work under the hood. Usually only learn that when I need to implement something weird, so being educated about it in a low-stakes, enjoyable, and well-written way is much appreciated.

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So I tried running the Parallax2D converter…

Everything worked! :slight_smile: