Project Fractal Jump - 3D Sci-Fi Action Game (WIP)

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share my progress of the 3D sci-fi action game that I’ve been working on for about 5 months in Godot 4:

In the game, you play as a member of a hacker group, controlling their avatar through a 3D-representation of the virtual world and hacking different kinds of systems. In between missions, you can spend time in your personal virtual space where you can chat with your teammates, decipher collectibles and upgrade your weapon.

Everything shown is still in very early development and there are obviously a lot of things missing like character animations, effects or a proper HUD, but I thought it was time to start making videos and document the progress of the game.

I’m currently working on finishing the first level which is almost fully playable and will probably continue to work on animations and finishing some of the core systems before getting back to creating more content/levels.

Regarding the technical aspects: There are still many things to optimize, but so far the game runs pretty smooth, mostly at 1440p/60fps on my GTX1080. All the clips in the video were captured directly from the game in real time. The game uses almost exclusively baked lighting, created with the lightmapper which works really well in Godot and makes heavy use of reflection probes (Unfortunately Screen Space Reflections created too many artifacts, so I had to disable them). I’m still having some issues with aliasing and frame pacing, but I was able to improve it somewhat since recording the video.

I plan to keep working on the game and post more updates in the future, though it might take some time since I’m only working on the game in my free time. Until then, I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Looks good! Gives me some Destiny vibes, when i see the level design :smiley:
Keep it up

The game looks nice and cheerful)