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Is it possible to extract the textures into another folder during GLTF auto imports? It extracts them right in the same folder and that does not go well with my project structure



You can change how to handle the embedded textures in a GLTF file. More info here Import configuration — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

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Thanks but that document does not tell me how to extract textures to somewhere else. I am already using extract textures and there is no path modification for the textures. It just extracts the textures where the .glb is

As I said, no, it’s not possible to select a folder for extracting the textures. What you can do is to embed them as Basis Universal (VRAM compressed) or embed them as uncompressed textures. They won’t be extracted this way.

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Thanks for the help. That is a a bit of bummer :frowning:

Feel free to open a proposal here GitHub - godotengine/godot-proposals: Godot Improvement Proposals (GIPs) explaining what you want to do. I don’t expect people to be against it.

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