Q1: Audio sliders work in editor but not in exported exe

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Let me preface with I am GODOT newb(1 month and change). I ha ve a project I am about ready to export. I am using the resonate addon, so not sure if that is messing things up, but in the editor, my audio settings work great adjusting the master, music, and effects audio bus, but when I export the project to windows, the sliders have no effect. So there is a break somewhere where they are no longer adjusting the bus volumes after export. My default bus is set in project settings. I’ve spent a bit googling and trying things but hitting a brick wall. Any help is appreciated.

standard code sample from the project, each of the 3 buses look like this :
func set_soundLevel_master(soundlevel):
var busIndex = 0
var decibels:float = linear_to_db(soundlevel)

Your code looks about right (assuming each function uses a different busIndex and those buses all exist, of course). Have you made sure the functions are actually called when moving the slider in the exported version (e.g. by printing something)? Do you get any errors or warnings in the console window when exporting as DEBUG?

Yes, there are separate functions for the “music” bus and the “effects” bus. The code is executed properly in the editor, I can hear the volume changing as I adjust the sliders. And the only error debug export appears to be the recedit one.

To create a bus, you just do it from the audio tab at the bottom of the editor correct? The pic shows the 3 I am using, and I saved that as default layout and made sure it was loaded as default layout in settings.

I am also having problems with scene switching in the exported version, so maybe it’s all related(there appear to be a bunch of comments on the internet about scene switching problems in 4.2) . Switching to the deferred scene switching methods did not fix that. I was also not using a main node, so I was switching scenes on the fly. I’m in the process of moving everything under one main node to see if that will help.

I’m not sure exactly what I did, but it is fixed. I changed some of the logic and renamed some of the nodes to be all lowercase, and added the deferred change scene code instead of straight up changing scenes and it works, so one of those things fixed it.