Question about strange lighting in the edges of walls

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Hello. I am currently experimenting with environment lighting in Godot, and noticed that, on my environment, there is some strange lighting on certain edges of the meshes, regardless of them clipping to “close the gap” or not.

The lights in question:

They happen regardless of the are being “roofed” or not, and also exist in the editor.

What could be causing it, and how can one prevent or fix it?

It’s seemed the light falling on the corners, have you joined properly the walls? If yes, try to turn on some options in world environment like sdfgi. And try to use models instead of csgbox if it’s still happening

I’m afraid that, after a few hours of experimentation, I found the cause of the limitation: Culling. The mesh being illuminated is, indeed, a 3d model, made in blender, and tested for gaps/wrong normals. The issue seems to stem from the culling configuration, which is disabled in this model (rendering both sides), which I enabled because using culling would make the lighting not work how I wanted (going through roof or walls depending on which face is visible).

For Culling On

And the OP’s image for Culling Off.

Notice that with culling on, the weird corner lights don’t exist, but then they’re illuminated one way, meanwhile disabling culling does make them track lighting both ways, but creates the little visual bug.

I appreciate the time you took to answer my wonder, and will further experiment with the settings, taking what you said into consideration, but for the foreseeable future, and until proven otherwise, I’ll chalk this behavior up to engine limitations.

Regardless, thank you.

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