[Question] Bumping forum threads?

Good evening! I’m not sure if the term ‘bumping’ is commonly used here, but I’d like to ask about the practice of posting a short message to bring an older forum thread back to the top of the list. I’ve got a couple of requests that aren’t straightforward questions with a single answer, and I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to re-post them, bump the threads, or simply leave them be if bumping/re-posting isn’t allowed. I will leave some examples here.

Post no. 1, post no. 2.

I understand that reposting can be considered spammy, and I don’t want to clutter the forum with unnecessary posts. However, I also don’t want my requests to get lost in the shuffle and never be seen.


I think it’s fine! I think given a week is enough time, here’s a poll!

  • Bump good
  • Bump bad
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Oh, ok! Thank you.

Add some irony, bump it in a week.