[Seeking Advice] Game Music?

good evening.
recently, I’ve been trying to “fly on my own wings”, even if it’s just on a short project. one of the aspects that intrigued me a lot is the music. I’ve always loved classic chiptune (8bit) and 16bit, and I would love to do something similar. I’m currently using Beepbox and LSDJ, and I’m open to software recommendations or tips, would love to read some.

I know the basics of music, but I would like to try something similar to the soundtrack of Fear & Hunger (especially Four Apostles, Muted Agression and Pulse & Anxiety), which uses few notes with a some good effect (personally, I think it’s easier, tho). one big question I have is where exactly do we differentiate “copying” from “inspiration” and “sampling”. I get really confused when listening to songs with samples and I don’t know how to do something similar that isn’t a musical copy, when producing by myself.

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