Realtime audio manipulation?

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As someone who’s very interested in sound design, I’ve been very curious as to how versatile Godot’s sound engine is.

In Warioland 4, most of Wario’s voicelines are very short, but they are manipulated by the game’s sound engine. For example, the various laughs that you hear from Wario are actually just one second of audio being repeated, but changed with various effects. Sometimes pitch shift, and sometimes with other interesting effects. It’s something that I find both interesting and impressive on both a technical level, and from a designer’s perspective.

My question ultimately lies with Godot’s capabilities. If I wanted to achieve the same effects, how would I go about it? Is Godot’s sound engine capable of similar feets as Warioland 4? I’ve only touched on the sound engine a little bit, but I’d rather ask here since this is a much more niche and specific question.

Pitch shift is supported on all audio streams I think, but if you want more advanced filters, there are low level interfaces you can use. Like this:


There are also some built in audio effects:

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You can get a few tips from this video:

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All the replies (including yours) seems to answer my question. Thank you!

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