Receipt Validator - Secure, Server-Side In-App Purchase (IAP) Plugin

Hi all!

I have developed and published an addon that not only comes with fully working store systems for the Apple App Store and Google Play, but also implements the most secure receipt validation method available: server-side.

In case you had issues with implementing Godot’s IAP plugins yourself, or wanted to do server-side receipt validation, please give this addon a try.

:white_check_mark: validate receipts at the time of purchase
:white_check_mark: validate updated receipts using webhooks from the App Stores
:white_check_mark: make purchase transactions globally unique for your app
:white_check_mark: store user IAP inventory on the server, not on the client

Protection against:
:star: fake purchases (invalid receipts or receipts from a different app)
:star: duplicate purchase attempts (receipts from a different account)
:star: access to expired subscriptions (subscription state not updated)
:star: device clock changes (extending subscription length locally)
:star: game data manipulation (copy or tampering with local save file)

For using the receipt validation service, you will need to create an account on my Receipt Validator website. There is a FREE plan that allows up to 100 validations per month.

The Receipt Validator backend was in development for over 3 years and is now being used by a few hundred people, with over 120.000 receipts processed at this point. Besides the FREE plan, there is a paid plan that is based on usage and therefore what you actually use on the platform. Compared with other competitor offerings, the pricing is much cheaper, as it focuses on the actual receipt validation part instead of making use of your data and is directed at indie developers.

I am offering active support for any questions about the integration or service. Please post them here, or via a ticket created from within the Receipt Validator dashboard!

Thank you and happy development!

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