Regarding export and fonts

I am using fonts with MSDF enabled. I have a specific set of glyphs that are used so I used the pre-render option.

It looks like Godot export the whole font. The eastern language fonts are quite big so I’d like to cut down on this. With Unity it was possible to export only the “font atlas” and exclude the source font files. Is there a way to set it up in Godot to only export what is used?

I believe you’ll find useful information to limit what characters are included in the pre-render in the “font prerendering” section of the “Using Fonts” article of the official documentation : Using Fonts — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

Gone through the process again and this time the build was smaller. I might have missed one of the fall-back fonts when I tried before. Glad to see this supported.

Mm, no. I can not get this working as I would expect it to. I’ve been running more tests and can not get the build to be smaller. I probably made a mistake in my previous test (from above reply). The builds are actually bigger when I pre-render! 64.7Mb vs 62.9Mb.

It seems the only point of pre-render is so it is not done at runtime. It does not seem to reduce the build size. Then again, Godot’s Export is still pretty confusing cause sometimes it works and other times it creates builds that does not work with error log complaining about missing resources). It is like it does not pick up dependencies well. I need to spend more time with it to figure out what exactly is going on… not as straightforward as in Unity.

i think it’s possible to remove/disable unused font by outside tool before importing it to godot?