RELEASE CANDIDATES: Godot 4.2.2 RC 3 + 4.1.4 RC 3

Do you want to help us test the newest Release Candidates for the Godot Engine? :hammer_and_wrench:

Why not give them a spin during this weekend’s gamejam, for example :dizzy:

Read more: official blog post

The featured game “Sunken Shadows” makes you utilize the same trial & error technique too - since that is what roguelikes do, don’t they? :skull_and_crossbones:

A retro FPS roguelike set under the sea. Your soul inhabits an ancient machine. Find the people responsible for your agony. Make them pay. Featuring intense melee combat and fast grappling movement inside of an ever changing dungeon spanning multiple biomes.

Wishlist & play the game on Steam :diving_mask: :coral:


when godot 3.6 stable release?

Ovo, 3.6 is the new ‘waiting for Godot’ :wink:

Only a few developers like lawnjelly keeping it alive, god bless him.

yes :smiley:

thats too bad :frowning: I like 3.x so much. I think its better than 4.x :slight_smile:
I hope they release soon inshaALLAH

lawnjelly really does a lot, but let’s also keep in mind that merge commits often come from a PR by someone else, even if lawnjelly is showing up in the GitHub UI as the author of the merge. So there is a lot of other contributors too that keep it alive!

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For sure. Almost 280 contributors so far :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:. (I’m one of them, with my physics fix merged a year ago.) Some exciting stuff on that list. I’m really hanging out for an official release and templates so I don’t have to keep using a custom build. I know there are devs with Steam releases keenly waiting to update their 3.x games.

Nonetheless, we must look forward not back. Congrats and thank you to all contributors on these 4.x releases.

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Wait, what? Why do you think that?

because godot 3.x is supporting old devices, its more stable, its light, I like UI also.
I dowloaded 4.x also but I didnt like it. I think UI is looks like tea spilled on it. And it need alsways high system there is no gles2/3 , mobile also not stable. And somethings changed. Its very big problem because you know first you learden 3.x okey and you started to makes games but when you switch to 4.x some codes doesnt work so you need to learn same thing (but different) again. All these are my opinion and I am not thinking to switch 4.x. for me 3.x enough for me. I need some features but some of that coming with 3.6 inshaALLAH so because of that I am waiting 3.6. For now I am still using 3.5.1 because there is not so much different between 3.5.x versions. I am sorry if its so long :smiley:

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Just change the theme if you don’t like the default?

I told why I like 3.x more and why I think its better. Its my opinion and anyone can say 4.x better. Thats their opinion. But for me 3.x is like original engine :slight_smile: I feel like that.
(I am saying againf its just my opinion and I told it because just someone asked about it.)

I’m saying that the default colour theme isn’t the only one, so if you use it as an argument in favour of 3.x you shouldn’t ignore that it’s something you can change

thank you :slight_smile:
ofcourse I know I can change the color of UI but default 3.x color I like but 4.x I dont.
Yes it depends on you.