Released my first Godot game on iOS last week. StarsAway

Released my first Godot game on iOS last week.

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I saw you game is for sale, does the iOS has a good return in revenue to you? It’s not worthy have it for free with some ads / option to buy to remove it inside it?

Not good. Ive not done much marketing though. The issue with making it free or cheaper is I’m planning a steam release and having it cheap on mobile would undermine the products value. I honestly think if I sold it cheap but had no marketing it still wouldn’t sell. So far apples analytics are in early days but indicate people aren’t deleting the game and seem to be going back to it so I look forwards to seeing some reviews at some point and I can assess what to do from there.i think it’s good value for content but I’m bias.

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Huge congrats on releasing a game!!!

Just fyi - to my knowledge and opinion, this is actually wrong and not something to worry about. Steam and mobile are two pretty different audiences. Also, free mobile means ads and many users don’t want ads. Finally, if the game is decent, people will buy anyway in order to support the dev.

Vampire Survivors, for example, if free on mobile and paid on Steam. Sure, Steam version came first, but I don’t think they’d make it free on mobile if they were worried about cannibalization. And honestly, new dev’s biggest issue is usually gaining audience/innertia, so even if 50% switched to free mobile version, if that meant many more downloads (GREAT for next project/resume/investment) and/or virality - that’s great.

Either way, grats again and good luck!!

Yes, I see more / less in the same way, but my platforms it was consoles, but now I’m thinking using some open source engine (as Godot) and keep UE as 3D.

But I’m thinking to do games for my companies and stop working for the others and decided start with mobile. And everything you said is valid for others platforms rather mobiles, mainly PC that we can launch the game in much more stores / sites (, freedb and etc).

You might well be right. I went into the mobile release with low expectations. I’d heard that without lots of money on marketing it’s really hard to break into mobile and to focus on steam. I just thought it would be nice to have it on mobile and it worked really well with a touch screen.


I believe that you strategy makes more sense anyway because the apple store you pay just once per year to have license to publish any app. Steam is harder because it’s 99$ per game and you just can withdraw the money after 100$ in sales, different in mobile.

It’s 2 differences audiences, but I believe to use you game as MVP on mobile might be make more sense. I’ll try to do it as well.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

We’ll see how it works out. I don’t want anyone to get the mistaken idea that I know what I’m doing :slight_smile:

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I believe that you’re going in the right path. A lot game developers do it, but using the Steam as MVP and after publish the game in console platforms, what for me doesn’t look so good since the steam you pay per game.

I believe the Microsoft follows the same idea of AppleStore, you just pay once 25$ and can upload any game in Xbox Store (if it’s not, 25$ is way more cheaper than 99$, but audicience it’s fewer).