Rename animation isn't enabled after enabling save to file

Godot Version



Hello all
I try to rename animation of 3d model that was imported from blender .
I can see the animations and they are working fine , but when try to rename them
the function is gray out

What am i missing here ?
Thanks for the help

It could be two things, Godot doesn’t want to rename it so it wont break automatic imports from blender. (If you have that feature enabled in the editor) which means you should rename it in blender.

Or Godot takes a light hand approach to blender resources. Meaning it knows how to read them but hasn’t implemented modifying them.( which makes sense. it’s Godot, not blender) I see this is the case with meshes. But for meshes Godot allows you to “break” the blender resource in order to fully modify it in Godot.

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well i successfully enable it in the end , when re importing it 3 time in the right window . and edit it from the windows .
have no idea why ,

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