Rendering thousands of tiles

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What is the best way to handle tiny tiles? I am experimenting with really small tiles, but I don’t think the tile map system is optimised for this. by tiny tiles, I mean very small, like 4x4 pixel sized tiles. can I re-write the tile map rendering code? or is there a better solution?

TileMap can definitely handle this, but depending on what you’re doing, it may be worth it to instead use a custom _draw function or even a shader to render it.
It is not hard to render tilemaps, but it is a lot of work to set them up the way you want it, so intent is the most valuable information here. For what purpose are these tiles? This will inform your design choices more than the tools available.

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Like what the first person said, it depends on how and what you’re trying to do.

Without a lot of information, II can still answer one of the things you worry about: The tilemap can certainly hadles thousands of tiles, as a matter of fact I have a game where the tile size is in 128x128 and the amount of tiles generated are 100x50 Its still working fine with no visble slowdown whatsoever this ofcourse assuming that you won’t be running something per tile in realtime, all at the same time.

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sorry for the lack of information, I want the tiles to be a single colour, with textures made of tiles instead of pixels. I then want these tiles to be fully editable in game, sandbox style. do you think the default tilemap rendering is powerful enough for this.

Yes, but if you want the tiles to be editable, I would recommend writing your own logic for that, as the TileMap class is focused on pre-made assets. You’re gonna need to learn more about how rendering and texture atlases work, but what you want is perfectly doable.