Repeat filter for Sprite3D in Godot 4?

Hello! I am making an climbable ladder that will not use a 3d model but a 3d sprite. Whenever I instantiate a ladder scene to a level scene, I want to change the height of the ladder, but I don’t want to stretch the sprite, I want the ladder sprite to repeat.

However, I just noticed that there is no option to repeat textures. I looked in the import settings and I don’t see it. I looked up to the Sprite3D node settings, still I don’t see it.

I remember there was the option for repeating textures, but it seems they moved somewhere.

I don’t know if this can be done easily in Sprite3D. What you can do is create a MeshInstance, add it into your scene, set the mesh as a plane mesh, drag your ladder sprite into the material THEN set the y value of the scale of your UV mesh to the same value as your scale. This causes the texture, your sprite, to repeat the way you want it to. Here’s a screenshot of it here -