Reticle or RayCaster (or both) are off alignment

Godot Version

4.2.1 Stable


Hi folks!

I’ve really been enjoying Godot! I’m still a noob, but have worked through a couple of courses, and a game jam. And it’s these “easy” things that get me. I’m surely missing something obvious & could use a pair of experienced eyes.

Anyway, I can’t get the RayCaster3D & The 2D reticle to align

The Reticle:
A control node (full Rect) > CenterContainer (anchored center) > several 2D lines

Child of camera3d node > positioned & pointed the same

But… the RayCaster shows collision when the reticle is CLOSE but not ON the spot.

What am I missing?

Seems like your reticle isn’t centered, the green anchor handles are pointing to the center yes? You can drag the sides to create guides that might help find center.

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Holy cow… I didn’t even see that.
See… it’s the easy things.
I should have walked away for a bit.

Thanks for not ending your reply with what would have been a well deserved “ya’ moron.” :laughing: