ReuseLogic Nexus for Godot 4.2 - Make it once, use it forever!

Make it once, use it forever!

That’s what my Advanced OOP Solution, ReuseLogic Nexus for Godot 4.2 provides you. Based on Observer Pattern, Mediator Pattern, Singleton Pattern, and “Signal-Driven” State Machines, this addon is all you need to “Object Orientalize” your projects, reducing the amount of code needed, enabling you to reuse your modules/objects/systems in all your projects with almost no modification.

Sounds like a bold, unbelievable claim, right? Why not test it? It’s free, and a YouTube Tutorial Series is in production right now to help you understand how the addon is supposed to be used. But before that, let me share a little bit of history…

I’m a Unity user migrated to Godot. The systems implemented in ReuseLogic Nexus is what I had created in Unity long before. But when I was about to run my YouTube Channel and share my Unity OOP Solution, the Unity pricing scandal happened, and I tried Godot for the first time in my life.

The OOP structure of Godot, and its dependency on the Observer Pattern, made it much easier for me to recreate my OOP Solutions into a much neater product. Godot signals were all I needed to fulfill “the dream”.

Your game development workflow is about to be revolutionized. Let’s get started:

Addon Download Link (currently tested on Godot 4.2):

YouTube Tutorial #1:

YouTube Tutorial Series:–cvg

NOTE: This is a preview version of the addon. Don’t base your actual projects on it (yet). When I officially publish it to Godot AssetLib, you are safe to use it in real projects. However, I couldn’t find any bug and it seems to be working perfectly.

There is also a playlist where I discuss the OOP concepts the addon is based on, mentioning some “bad practices” many people in Godot Community are following. Watching the series is highly recommended:

Godot OOP Design Pattern Series:

Are you fascinated with what I just shared with you for “free”? Support me by watching my YouTube videos, subscribing to my channel, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me in the comments section, and most importantly, by using the addon, reporting any issues, and suggesting it to your game dev friends.

The addon is tested on Godot 4.2. Supporting the older versions is not a priority. For now, I’m creating the YouTube Tutorial Series, and writing a comprehensive documentation for the addon, so I can publish it to Godot AssetLib. Again, the version I offered here is a preview one. Don’t base your actual projects on it (yet). Wait for the official release of the addon in Godot AssetLib.

Thank you for your great support. Have a great Object Orientalization… :wink:

Am I dumb or I actually can’t “edit” my post?!

The addon is updated. This is the new preview version:

The old one is deleted and the link doesn’t work anymore…

Here is the second tutorial where I demonstrate the hierarchical aspect of the State Machine in ReuseLogic Nexus:

This addon will change your life as a game dev. Trust me. :wink:

Am I dumb or I actually can’t “edit” my post?!

I think after a while the Godot Forum blocks you from editing your posts (mods or admins can correct me if I’m wrong).

Very interesting add on!
Reminds me a bit of something like the Unity assets Atoms or GameCreator.

Would you be able to put this up on GitHub or a similar site?
That could help with keeping track of updates etc. plus some people might be hesitant to download dropbox zip files.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll consider putting it on github soon. :slight_smile:

Github link added:

The dropbox link in the first post is no longer available. I wish I could edit the first post and update the link…

It feels so weird to reply to your own post when nobody seems to be even looking at it. But here’s a new tutorial, demonstration the “sender-receiver” system of ReuseLogic Nexus. This solves the many-to-many interactions between different objects in the scene, decoupling them as much as possible.

Leaving replies here encourages me to boost up my production speed. :wink:

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