Rotations for Empty nodes are not imported from .glb or .gltf files

Godot Version

Godot Engine v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


How do I import .glb files with Empty nodes, but include their rotations as well? I’m trying to use Empty nodes as attachment points for assembling static objects in my game like puzzle pieces. To use them as puzzle pieces, I need these points to have rotational information so I can orient the attached pieces correctly. However, Godot doesn’t seem to recognize the rotation of Empty nodes, so it’s impossible to do this properly.

The screenshot below shows all four Empty nodes and their identical rotations:
The Empties should be oriented with the local Z axis facing inwards to the center of the model, but instead they are all in the same orientation.

My models are made in Blender 3.3.0 and were exported to both .glb and .gltf files. I even inspected the file contents of my model to verify the rotations are included, which they are. I don’t know what else to use as attachment points for my use case.

Please disregard… this is a bit embarrassing.

The gizmos shown in the screenshots are shown in World Space, not Local Space. After switching to Local Space, the local Z axes for each node are different. The rotational information is imported, after all.

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