Russian Invaders — HTML5 game

If the cult game Space Invaders was developed in 2024 it would be called Russian Invaders.
Imagine yourself as an F-16 pilot defending Ukraine from attacks by Russian drones and missiles.

gameplay process

You can play the game in your browser at (preferably Chrome/Firefox), or watch the gameplay on Youtube

I was inspired to create the project by the daily statistics from the Ukrainian Air Force. I also remembered my childhood game Space Invaders. The combination of a space shooter with infographics from our armed forces turned into this result.

As an animator I work with Spine and Unity, but after the change in Unity’s pricing policy, the community started discussing alternative engines. My commitment to open source led me to consider Godot Engine as my main development platform.

The game currently has 10 difficulty levels, on each level a new count of enemies adding and increasing their speed.

One of the main goals of the project was to draw attention to helping our country, so players will see a link to United24.

I would be grateful for your criticism/suggestions and sharing :slight_smile:


[Mod Edit] To understand context of the first paragraph, there was a heated discussion that is now removed. This post is kept since it focuses on the game itself.

I can’t say if this game constitutes a political statement, though I might agree if it did. However, I hope that everyone will refrain from criticizing some perceived agenda and focus on the game itself. This is a game forum.

As to that, I have to say that it could use some work. You really need something to distinguish it from the million other invader clones out there. Of course if I had great ideas, I’d be making money with new games, but let me take a quick stab at it.

As an example, you might switch things up and have a stage where you go into strafing mode, chasing a target on the ground, say a tank or even just a car. Give it some character, like a visible driver and give him a name and a back story to lend importance. You might say he’s an ex-KGB agent that rose to power by strong-arm tactics, called oh… Vladimir. Doesn’t have to be a memorable name.

And players are going to get tired of the old guns and missiles combo, so give him some fanciful attacks. Say, he shoots poison pellets, or throws poison tea cups, or tosses handcuffs that send you to a gulag – Something unusual.

Ok, I’m veering way off the original track. You probably want something believable, not some nut that no one in their right mind would put in charge of a military force, but you get the idea.

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