Scene structure for 2D procedurally generated world

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Hi all, I am pretty new to Godot so apologies if this is a dumb question. I am working on a purely-2D procedurally-generated game with a large open world. I am wondering how to structure my scene hierarchy.

I don’t want there to be load screens or transitions and would prefer a seamless experience when traveling across the world. Does it make sense to have just one “main” scene for the entire world and then smaller child scenes for things like the inside of buildings? Or is this not feasible? I worry that the one main world scene would end up being too big, but I’m not sure how else to get the seamless travel experience I am looking for.



Have you already generated the map, how? I want to learn that.

Not quite yet! I’ve generated a dummy “map” but it’s nothing but black and white tiles arranged randomly (black tiles have collision though).

This is how I would go (or something similar), as I want to do the same thing.

Notice SpawnChunk is the initial chunk/room where the player spawns.
RandomChunkGenerator is the one that handles new chunks/rooms. Logic would be here.


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