Scenes too dark

Scenes too dark problem

Hi, as you might already know, I'm new to Godot. I have a problem. When I run a 3D scene, everything appears black. I can't even see the colour of things. This is probably my biggest issue because all my scenes look ugly.

Please help me fix this!

You need a camera3d and a light3d node, drag them around. Without a camera there’s nothing that can “see” . Without a light there’s nothing to “see”

If you are a new user to the engine, it’s better to start with the Getting Started part of the documentation here Introduction — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English it will teach you how to use the editor, the concepts of Godot, and how to structure 2 small games one in 2D and another in 3D.

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The Godot editor uses default light and camera to illuminate and display the objects. However, you must add these things to your node tree to see something in runtime. Check out this video.