"Search Help" freezes the editor and no new window opens

Godot Version

4.1 also 4.2.2


Hello all. I have run into a rather annoying issue that is seemingly only affecting me and what’s worse is that it is only affecting one project!

When clicking on or using the keyboard shortcut for “Search Help” the new window will not open and the entire editor becomes unresponsive.

Note that windows 11 does not indicate that Godot is crashing nor has become unresponsive. Furthermore the editor must be force quit in task manager.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I can still seemingly do all other functions of Godot, including opening other windows like “Project Settings”. There are no thrown errors and using a 3 day old version of my project does not fix the issue, despite the fact that I am certain that I was able to open this window at that time. New projects do not have this issue and neither do old ones. I updated my Godot to the latest version 4.2.2 but this also had no effect.

I’m at a loss here and while I can still work on the project by using the online docs, I don’t feel safe continuing to use a potentially compromised project :frowning: .

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

My repo:

In classic fashion I have solved this problem minutes after I posted it. For those that experience strange problems with windows in Godot behaving oddly, try changing your editor settings to “Single Window Mode”. For me changing my display settings in windows from “extended” back to “duplicate” and then back to “extended” once more has fixed my problem. Reading some bug tickets it seems Godot has a number of problems with multi-display setups