[seeking advice] Pixelart?

good afternoon! I’ve been busy with other things, but I’m back to gamedev, at least for now. while I’m trying to develop things, I was wondering if any kind soul out there has any tips for making pixel art sprites. it doesn’t have to be in the Atari style by now, I’m trying to work with some other ideas. I also don’t have any extremely specific questions right now, any tips are appreciated.

a little bit of additional information:

  • I’m using Aseprite and Krita software to make the pixel art.
  • currently, working with the mouse, only.
  • haven’t tried making animations yet (it would also be nice to know something about the subject, so I also accept tips on that).

thank you all very much for your help and advice in my previous questions!

Hello _grimm,

A great way to learn is by surrounding yourself with colleagues in your chosen skill. I strongly recommend searching out and connecting with a pixel art community online, where you can showcase your art, request feedback, and learn from others. While I cannot recommend such a community myself, I can provide some resources I recommend to help get started in learning pixel art.

There are many more popular tutorials available online, and a thorough search on your search engine of choice should find many quality results.

I hope that this has helped to direct you in some resources getting started.


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thank you, bud! I will check out these materials. I just have no idea how to get in touch with a community on the topic, as there is a possibility that Twitter (X) will be banned in Brazil, so I’d rather avoid it for now… so I don’t know how to look for other artists yet, at least.

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ok… this was right under my nose. I should have tried before, but I never thought about art beyond making sprites and stuff. thank you so much!