[Any Tips?] Atari-like Sprites

hello there, and good evening!
after doing some research and receiving some advice in my previous post (thank you phazorknight!), I realized that it would be better to make my own assets after all. I already had some small projects done in Krita/Aseprite, but I’m not sure if they are good or not. I have been testing them in sizes of 16x16 and 32x32. I would like some feedback on how they look, and some opinions on them. of course, software, tips, and advice are always welcome!


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Can you tell me more about your project to help me understand what the art will be doing or what the context is?

Anything can be better or worse under different context.

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for now, I won’t be working on my FAITH-style game, after all I’m inexperienced. these sprites will only be for a simple project, kind of a joke actually, when I talk about the characters themselves. when it comes to the other sprites, they are just some small environment decorations I made to test my creativity in small spaces. they are just little bushes, dirt, small stones, blood and water lilies, simply.

Well, I think the humanoid characters are clear and would work for a simple project.

On the top row, there are two I would recognize as plants on their own.

I wouldnt know what the others are without context (they may be fine in context).

The most important thing is follow through to completion. Completing projects is an inavaluable experience and a learned skill. Within that context, almost anything is good. Because the “doing” and “finishing” is so important. Every time you will get better.

Press on and complete your work.

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well, the others at the right are some bones and mushrooms.
but thank you for the advice and your feedback, bud. now, I guess it’s all about persistence, trial and error. haha!

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Rather than present these images as a list, draw a small map of what a scene might look like using these images.
That would be much easier to critique.

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I think I’ll try soon. however, I’m still setting things up and need to take care of a few more things rn. so, I don’t think I can make a full map just yet.

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