Separate C# programming help and GDscript programming help

What do you think about separate C# programming and GDScript programming in the help section ?

We have tags for those! Otherwise it would lead to a lot of duplicated categories. If we would separate them by language, we would need one for gdscript, c#, gdnative/gdextension and even for “no language needed, there’s a node for it!”.

With tags, you can still specify the language or filter by it, without adding a whole bunch of categories.

Think of categories as broad concepts, while tags are more like specific modifiers.

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Yeah i understand but maybe there is a way to force choosing a language when creating a topic because lot’s of people forget to mention it.

Hmm, but what about questions like “How do I import a sprite into Godot?”
It’s hard to know when to force people to choose a language.

I think overall it’s better to keep tags and remind people to use them. The forum is quite new, so it’s natural that we have a lot of users that aren’t yet used to it. I think this will improve over time as the userbase settles in

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