Should i choose Pygame or Godot


I dont know what engine should i choose. Pygame or Godot?

I really like the coding part in Pygame but i am worried it will be too hard to code everything myself without any tools like in godot(animation,physics…)

But on the other hand i really like that godot has lot of build in features and i dont need to code everything myself.

I hate gdscript and love python.

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Depends on the kind of game you intend to make. Content heavy games benefit from game engines. Open worlds, many creatures with unique behavior, unique puzzles. Arcadey games can benefit from a lack of game engine. Spelunky and vampire survivors are good examples.

I would be interested to hear why no love for gdscript.

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I would want to make platformer like celeste

I dont really know why i hate gdscript i just like python more

You can do fine with python, for level editing spelunky originally used text files to map out sections. Something like this was written by hand and read by the game

#             #
#             #
#        #    #
#   #    #    #
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oh i didnt know spellunky was made in python

thats crazy that they made entire game with levels in text files

I do too like to code with Python and Pygame, but if you want to focus on creating games, You should choose Godot

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spelunky was not made in python, it’s just an example of level editing without a fancy engine or editor like Tiled. It was originally made in GameMaker.

Pygame is built on top of SDL2, which is a C library just about every game engine uses. Unreal, Unity, and Source are built on top of it while Godot references parts of it. If you decide to use a faster language like C/C++ then SDL2 will feel familiar, pygame is a good pick for learning frameworks.

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@gengarisko69 it really depends on what games you are going to make if you want to make BIG and complicated games you should choose a game engine (Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine ) but if you just want to make small not that much of complicated games the you could choose Pygame.

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ok i will choose godot

but i am interested in making terminal and ascii games too so for that i can use python

thanks for your replies :grinning:

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No problem :slight_smile:

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Godot can support any language through GDExtensions.

There are projects out there developing a python GDExtension.

You could always use (and contribute to) one of those projects and have both python and Godot.

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