Should you limit use of Area3D?

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Hey all! I am working on a very simple 3D platforming project and currently coming up with an enemy. For my enemy, I have four separate Area3D nodes set up for him.

The first one is used specify the area of the enemy that will damage the player if hit.

The second one is used to specify the area where, if the player hits it, it will kill the enemy.

The third one is the “Activation range”; an area surrounding the enemy that if the player steps into, the enemy will start moving/chase the player.

And the fourth one is an “escape range”, which is a larger surrounding area, and if the player exits this range the enemy will stop moving and become idle again.

So far, this is working fine; I can get damaged by and kill the enemy, activate his movement, and escape him. But I am worried that I’m using a lot of area3D nodes for this, and I was wondering if this is the optimal way to achieve these goals, or if there are better practices I should follow to ensure the game runs smoothly. Thanks in advance to anyone able to provide some additional insight! :slight_smile:

Unless you plan on having thousands of enemies on the screen at the same time, this should not be an issue at all.

Ultimately, you’re the best judge on that, but again, I very much doubt it would become problematic.

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