Showcase gameplay yet cannot upload mp4

I don’t believe Showcase will ever thrive without allowing mp4/webm. I want to upload a short Inverse Kinematics video (24 seconds, 2.3MB) but this site doesn’t allow me. Converting to gif, it became 16MB (I don’t want to slow down the framerate, it’s a smooth IK animation)
Without mp4/webm allowed, Discord is preferable for Showcase. Because always, a mp4/webm will always be more hype than a still image.

I understand that videos can get quite big in size, but adding a filesize limit (8MB?) is enough imo, or limiting to 2 videos per user per week? idk

Off-topic for future reference, to compress a video to reach whatever filesize a forum requires, this ffmpeg command is handy
ffmpeg -i "$picked_filepath" -vcodec libx265 -crf "$compression_rate" "$new_filepath" (replace $)

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I think we really should allow video uploads though. As a workaround for now, feel free to upload to YouTube or similar as unlisted video, then embed it here.

This will have to wait until we finish the Planned Maintenance [2023-12-11]. After the hardware upgrade we will have an additional 100 GB storage.

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IIRC RealtimeVFX - which also uses discourse - just doesn’t allow video upload. You have to upload somewhere external and then paste a link. I think it’s okay. In a website made for game development already hosting images will ask for a lot of storage, videos will easily blow up the storage requirement for this site

I think we can still allow video as a file type, just with a size restriction. It’s more storage/compression efficient than gifs, so I’d like to see it used more for small visualisations. But for longer videos we will always require external uploads


I’ve enabled mp4 and webm media uploads. Note however that the same file size limit as for images applies (8mb). For larger files, please use external hosts like YouTube or Vimeo.

Usually external videos embed automatically by just posting a link to them.


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