Showing the Points editor widget (like for CollisionPolygon2D)

Godot Version



When my node is selected, I’d like the editor to show the same widget that is shown when selecting a CollisionPolygon2D to edit my Vector2 array:


Does anybody know how this can be achieved?

I tried attaching a script to my node and expose a Vector2 array. Though the field shows up in the editor, the widget isn’t shown in the editor.

Do I have to create a custom node? If so, what extra steps are needed to show the widget?

Thanks a bunch!

It’s a built-in EditorPlugin that is not exposed to external code. If you want the same functionality you have to write your own version of this EditorPlugin.

I see, thanks for the response.
Sad panda that we can’t easily make it show up for our custom nodes, but at least now I know :+1: