Significant Issue regarding animations no longer working - "couldn't resolve track"

Godot Version



I have been having significant issues with my project and the animation system. Over 7 times now while working on this project, I have run into an issue where a yellow error appears when playing my game that says something like “couldn’t resolve track” then quickly disappears. Once this error starts occurring, all animations saved to my project will no longer function, and must be deleted and recreated. This takes an enormous amount of time each time it has to be done.

My project is a 2d project with (currently) very simple animations, animating only a sprite frame and the position of a node. I do not know how to recreate the issue. I have tried saving the animations and reloading them from the disk; this does nothing.

I need to know how to salvage my existing animations without completely restarting the project every time this error occurs.

I was able to screencap the error.

Again, once this error starts showing up, all the animations in my project cease to work and must be manually recreated from scratch. I would like to find out how to prevent this from happening and salvage my work somehow.