Silentwolf for exports

Since I was having an issue with this yesterday and, being a noob myself, wasting quite some time finding the correct solution to this problem:

If your SIlentwolf works in the editor, but not in your exports, then you need to make sure the path in the “project settings” → “autoload” matches the folder for your addons, with CASE SENSITIVITY.

The case sensitivity was mentioned by one of the silentwolf devs as well as on their troubleshooting page, but not which path they were referring to, so i spent hours figuring that out and couldnt find a more detailed solution to this easy problem.
From what i recall, i had to create the “addons” folder myself, so it didnt match fully.
Windows doesnt care about cases, but some exports, like HTML5, do.

Making this post to save anyone else, who is inexperienced like me, the time :slight_smile:

It’s worth mentioning that this is a general issue, not only for silentwolf. Whenever you use a filepath in code, it must match the case of the path in the file system. On windows the default filesystem just doesn’t care about the case, so even a wrong case “matches” the file. But for other platforms it must match (and also for windows if the user has changed the default settings to make windows case sensitive, that’s also possible).

I personally always use lowercase for all directory and file names. That way I don’t need to think about it too much.


Actually a very valuable addition, i just figured i will make a post since i was crawling the web for an answer and just couldn’t figure out where exactly i messed up.
So the idea is to make it easier for the next person to find an answer to this question.

But you are absolutely right, this is a general thing to consider, so the message to everyone… be lazy and don’t press that shift key :smiley:

Yesss, and I love how many people have put tips/tutorials here! It’s exactly what we hoped will happen with the forum. It’s slowly building a community contributed knowledge base :tada:

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Even more so with the Godot 4.x versions where a lot of things changed and the resources you find often are for the 3.x versions, which can be very confusing, it is important to add more and more and make sure to state the versions.

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