Simple RPG Textbox

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


Hi folks. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to create a feature like this?

  • When you are near an interactable object, an icon will appear on top of the object
  • You press the key indicated by the icon, a textbox will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • press spacebar to turn to next page of the text

A very classic 2d rpg feature, is there a tutorial of some sort that I can follow? Thankss

I remember there is an RPG demo available in the official store.

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Do you mean the demo projects? There’s an RPG demo there yes, here

@1419427247 @athousandships It’s using Godot 3.5, does the code still work?

There’s a 3.x version here

I’m hoping to find a Godot 4 tutorial as it’s the version I’m using XD haha

Oh no the first demo is 4.x, sorry for confused as it sounded like you wanted a 3.x version as the first one was 4.x

Ahhh I downloaded the 3.x version by accident. Thanks for letting me know!

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This has helped me a lot. I use a heavily modified version of this. It’s worth a watch.

Thanks my friend! It worked perfectly!

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