Slash-Animation with Trails

Godot Version

Godot 4.3.dev5


I have been wondering if Godot supports 3D Trails for things like Sword slashes, etc. like you can do in Unreal Engine for example without creating a custom trail-mesh in Blender. All examples I found work with Trail-Meshes created with Blender and I also worked with custom Trail-Meshes in the past but its so cumbersome.

I read that Godot 4.x now has this particle trails feature which I kinda couldn’t figure out yet as there is not much about it online yet. I also read the documentation page about it.

Before I dig deeper into this and experiment more, I would like to know if its even possible to use it for slash effects or if it serves different purposes. I am kinda pretty sure Godot is capable of doing this.

It would be great if someone could lead me to the right direction here. Thanks!

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so far, the GL compatibility mode for Godot doesn’t support particles trail and even sub-emitter
the usual way to use the trail is to add it as a sub-emitter of a main particle
you might just want to find a good shader to make the slash
i just found it by just googling for that

Hey, thanks for your reply. I did a lot of research and unfortunately, it seems the particle trails cannot handle this. There have been several issues opened for this in github, a good one is this:

There are also several addons trying to implement a 3D Trail Renderer for Godot. For example: TrailRenderer - Godot Asset Library

If this is doable with the same flexibility and features like in Unreal/Unity using Sub-Emitters with Particle Trails, I take everything back. Anyway, I will take a closer look into it again.

Thanks so far.