So i'm working on a project for school

ver. 4.2.1

Hello there people of the Godot Community! I’m currently starting to work on a project for my class creating a game in godot. however, i have no experience using game engines at all. any specific tips for developing games on the engine and general tips for the engine would be heavily appreciated!

This video introduces a lot of important concepts (areas, signals, groups, autoloads). The official documentation is here, and includes a couple of tutorials in the Getting Started section. If you’re making a 3D game, this page is particularly helpful, as it introduces how Godot handles positioning and rotating objects in 3D space.

Good luck with your project, and have fun!

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If you’re making a game like Grand Theft Auto, don’t google “Grand Theft Auto in Godot”. You’ll need to google the making of the individual components: “Godot 3D character controller”, “night day cycle in Godot”, “Godot car controller”… ect. Like in any industry it takes awhile before you know what to google.

If you don’t have any previous experience, try creating a simple game following a tutorial that will guide you through the whole process from start to finish and, most importantly, explain each step in detail.