[SOLVED] Big framerate drop when playing a video on XR project

Godot Version



I am working on a XR project meant for the Oculust Quest 2, and after having some packaging problems with unity, I decided to try it with godot.

The project is simple: a 360 video plays, and once its narration finishes, a button should appear and load the next video, rinse and repeat.

Node by node, I’ve narrowed it down to the video player being the culprit to dropping the fps from 70s to 10s.
The video is played by the video stream player, that is inside a subviewport, and the player is inside a sphere that has that subviewport as a texture, thus allowing the player to see the 360 video in VR.

The video playing is an .ogv file with 71.1 MB, 5760 x 2880 and length of 24 seconds that should play on loop.

Here is the node tree

I’ve heard that .ogv formats don’t run well on mobile, but that is unfortunately the only format godot accepts.
Is there a way to save this project?

Edit: The Videos’ resolutions were too big, changing them from 5760 x 2880, to 2880 x 1440 solved this issue