SOLVED: Editor is super slow in 3D view

Godot Version

Tried in both 4.3 dev5 and 4.3 beta2


No idea if this belongs in the help section. I am having issues with the editor.

When the 3D view is open, my editor is incredibly slow. Everything slows down, from the movement of the camera to right-clicking in the scene tree. It is unbearably slow, like 5fps.

I think it may be because I am using godot in wayland on an M1 mac with asahi linux installed. In other words, it is a very experimental setup. Maybe the drivers don’t work or something?

Has anyone experienced the same thing, or know where to start troubleshooting? I found an old reddit thread that described a similar issue, but it did not contain a working solution.

Some things I tried:
Running it in 4.3 beta2 using XWayland is much faster, but could be smoother. It looks awful because of the scaling though.


The solution I found was from this reddit post:

I added --rendering-driver opengl3 when launching godot, and it fixed the problem immediately.

I figured out that it is probably asahi linux that lacks vulkan support, so that is why I have to force openGL. I also had to force OpenGL in the project settings, for the game run smoothly. It ran at ~10fps with default renderer, and is silky smooth after enabling openGL.
The specific setting was Project settings/Rendering/Rendering method → gl_compatability.

I figured I could leave this post up in case any other nerds using asahi bump into the same issue when trying to develop a 3d game! :grin:

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I ran into this too, I just finished a custom Godot build with the Godot/Kotlin module for Linux aarch64 on Asahi Fedora only to find very poor performance initially, and switching to OpenGL rendering solved the issue